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We are inspired and committed to giving our best help to our
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Zomi Lyrics website ah na deih leh na zon la namuh
kei lei hong hawmsawn in. Ma pangkhawm ding hi hangh.
Sum leh paai tawh ahi a, lamal hopsawnna tawh ahi zongin
ma pangkhawm ni. Lamal behlapna hih link pan napai in:

Hih website Lamkhawm ni, mapang khawm ni. Puah in zuun khawm ni ci in kong zawn uh hi.

Zomi sung ah phatna, biakna, gam ngaihla leh tumging lam mapang khempeuh TOPA Pasian in thupha hong piakim ciat hen.

Ih vekpi in, i mapan khopna ih website taangin,

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